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your radical


a 12-week one-on-one coaching+mentorship+breathwork journey to remembering who you are

i feel you.

Overwhelmed with the day-to-day.

Living for the weekends.

Questioning your purpose.

Feeling a lack of support. 

Consuming excessive amounts of everything  (clothes, crystals, alcohol + drugs, food).

Guilting yourself for not being 'happier' with what you 'have.' 

Giving others your ALL, and leaving nothing for yourself. 







maybe even resentful. 


somewhere along the path, we forget who we are

Orange Dahlia

Your Radical Breath is a high-touch private coaching program for high-performing women who are ready to BLOOM. This is for the rebel souls who are ready to invoke conscious ritual + experience exactly what it means to live an inspired life.

If you are ready to go deeper into your yoga practice, learn how to harness the power of your breath, + recognize the supreme + sovereign being you are, this coaching container is for you. 

Haley has opened me up to a whole new way of being with my body.


Her breathing techniques have inspired connectedness with my body and calmness in my mind. I go to these techniques when I'm feeling stressed or overwhelmed, and I now know how to center myself. While I have my own private practice, I still love showing up for her classes. The expansive feeling I get after intense breathwork is unmatched. I can feel my creativity being turned on! Haley has taught me what it means to honor my breath as my life force and the center of my productivity and for that I am so grateful!

-Whitney Warne, Ivory House Photography


what's included

weekly hybrid coaching + breathwork calls

Haley has mastered the art of holding space. The coaching + guidance given in this container will empower you to make lasting change in your life + help you recognize how powerful you are.

meditation instruction

Buildable instruction for a transformative, seated, silent meditation practice. 


It is taught the way meditation was meant to be taught, and you’ll be able to invoke this practice anytime, anywhere.


No app needed. 

personalized practice

Initiation into a personalized, unique 20-30m practice built specifically for you using kriya, breathwork, meditation + mantra. 

This practice is meant to not only support, but quicken your evolution. 


It was incredible!

I did a few (virtual) group classes with Haley and then committed to the Rx Vitality session with her. It was incredible! I was feeling really overwhelmed with life and too busy for a longer breath practice. She assessed how I was feeling, how I WANTED TO FEEL (super important) and then gave me a few shorter breath practices along with a guide on how and when to use them. I have been using them regularly, and knowing that I have these tools to use anytime I need them is POWERFUL. I have noticed many shifts in my energy levels and mood since starting. I already have a consistent yoga practice along with basic yoga breathing techniques, mindfulness, and meditation, but adding the targeted pranayama/kriya techniques is a game changer. All I can say is, Haley is both knowledgable and gifted. If you feel like you need to uplevel your life, get the medicine she has to offer ASAP! (no yoga or breathwork experience required!)

-Jenny Klein, Movement Yoga


6 - 20m private breath sessions

Facilitated within the coaching call - these sessions will be created by Haley on the fly to compliment your energy + the theme of that day's coaching call. 

unlimited Voxer support

A walkie-talkie app for accountability, check-ins, held space, pocket coaching, link shares, playlist shares, spit-balling, etc.


This is our way to continue to connect as needed outside of our sessions. MAGIC can happen in Vox. 

free access to all Breath of Rebellion virtual events

While in the coaching container, take as many virtual offerings as you like for no additional fee. 



Tel. 123-456-7890

Fax. 123-456-7890

500 Terry Francois Street, 
San Francisco, CA 94158



Monday - Friday 11:00 - 18:30

Saturday 11:00 - 17:00

Sunday 12:30 - 16:30 




Thanks for submitting!

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