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new year

new habit

40 days

It's time to follow through with your resolution to begin meditating.

40 days.

1 breath.

1 kriya.

1 mantra.

No app required.

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Parallel Lines

Stop the meditation shame cycle


BUT - this creates a shame cycle. 

We know we SHOULD.

But we don't know how.

We aren't sure how to hold ourselves accountable.

We meet resistance.

We get confused.


We give up.

And then shame sets in.

it's time to rewrite the story.

Parallel Lines
Tropical Leaves

benefits of meditation backed by science


stress reduction


lessen anxiety


improved self-image and body acceptance


increased awareness


greater understanding of self


increased focus + attention span


reduces depression


higher quality sleep


improved cognitive function


pain reduction 


can reduce blood pressure


a million other life enhancing qualities


the practice

Supreme technology. 

Ancient practices. 

This meditation practice is built with a balancing pranayama, a kriya to refine the nervous system + tune the mind to silence, and a mantra to create an internal resonation that will slide the mind into silence. 


If you never experience silence, your mind will constantly be disturbed. 

You WILL get still + learn how to listen. 

All you have to do is show up. 

That's where I come in. 



The Resolution is a 40-day group meditation clinic for those who are ready to learn a consistent, impactful, seated meditation practice.

You will receive access to five 60 minute virtual meet-ups over the course of 40 days.


You will build a meditation practice starting with 5 minutes a day, working your way up to 20 minutes by the end of 40 days. 

Buildable. To set you up for success.

Join each morning at 6:45am on the LIVE Zoom call to meditate together, catch the replay in the Facebook group OR practice on your own at home.

Hold yourself accountable by checking in/commenting on each live replay in the FB group.

At the end of the 40 days, all those who checked in every single day for the 40 days (honor system) will be entered into a drawing. The winner will have their investment refunded or donated to a charity of their choice.

Parallel Lines

self investment: $333 individual

$555 couple

In exchange for your investment, you will receive:

  • Five 60-minute Virtual Workshops (all recorded and accessible for the duration of the clinic) where you will: 

    • Learn the techniques​ + how to overcome resistance to practicing

    • Connect with other like-minded souls

    • Experience a Sattva Yoga journey

    • Take a deeper dive into the different aspects of meditation 

  • DAILY LIVE virtual meditation meet-ups at 6:45am CST

  • Exclusive Facebook group access for accountability, additional wisdom, connection + daily meditation replays

  • Unlimited support via the Facebook group for 40 days + email FOR LIFE (THAT'S RIGHT. I'M ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU WHEN IT COMES TO THIS PRACTICE).

  • Potential to receive your investment BACK or donate to a charity of your choice if you stay committed to the 40 days

  • One 60-minute private session post-clinic to check-in and discuss your practice

  • A meditation practice composed of SUPREME + TIME TESTED technology you can return to EVERY DAY FOR LIFE

Parallel Lines

In financial hardship?

If you are sincere about learning, but are in financial hardship - you will NOT be turned away.

There are discounts + scholarships available for those in need.

Payment plans available upon request.

Please inquire if you are in need of support.

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