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It's time to accelerate.

Are you truly meditating? 

If you are reading this, you are likely in one of three scenarios: 

  • You've never been taught how to properly meditate, but have been doing what you would consider meditation, daily. Maybe you think running/fishing/lifting weights is your meditation. 

  • You've never meditated consistently and something is telling you that this is EXACTLY what you need in order to uplevel AND integrate meditation into your daily life. 

  • You currently have a meditation practice but aren't seeing the level of growth you were hoping for. 

No matter where you are in your journey, you are in the right place. The universe has brought you here for a reason and it's time to lean in and trust that guidance. 

Meditation has changed my life. 

For me, it started with guided meditations on Insight Timer.

Then I moved to a silent meditation where I wrestled with my thoughts and tried to shut off my mind.

I saw growth - a lot of it, actually. I was able to quit drinking + drugging, quit my thankless job, and traveled to India.

And THAT'S where I learned the most potent form of meditation in existence.

There is a LOT of information out there on meditation. Transcendental Meditation, Deep Meditation, Vedic Meditation, Ziva Meditation --> These are all 'spinoffs' of the most ancient form of mantra repetition in existence - using a sacred bija sound to transcend thought and experience inner stillness.


What if you paired that meditation technique with a sacred breath kriya meant to ACCELERATE your consciousness expansion? What if you could experience a year's worth of evolution in a DAY?

Himalayan Meditation - passed down through the Babaji lineage within the Himalayan Yog-Vedantic tradition, is a 3-part meditation that is effortless and MEANT for you - yes YOU, with the busiest of minds.


Tune the breath and align your energy with nature.

kriya 1

The most sacred of all kriyas, passed down orally over thousands of years, to create electricity in the energy centers - to ignite growth, accelerate evolution and purge the energy body of stored karma.


A sacred bija mantra given privately in a one-on-one setting, creating a single-pointed object for the mind to focus on so it can experience deep inner stillness.


This is 100% the reason I've been able to continually evolve and create a life that becomes more and more in alignment with my highest and truest self. This is the recipe, the foundation, and the framework for living a more authentic life.

Science-backed benefits of meditation

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Stop the shame cycle.

Join a container that is supportive as you create the habit. 

I have taught a LOT of people how to meditate over the last two years, and have learned what works and what doesn't when creating this habit. 

Accountability is EVERYTHING. You MUST show up, every day, for at least 40 days in order to create a neural pathway that this practice is part of your routine. In this course, I create a daily container for us to meditate together. Can't make the live calls? No problem - catch the replay in the private Facebook group and comment to check-in. 

Did I mention there will be a drawing for prizes for those who check-in every day? Yeah. I'll reward you for showing up. (A free Vedic Astrology reading, $50 cash, and a goodie bag from me are up for grabs!)

We will also DIVE DEEP into meditation. You will learn the hows and whys behind it, you'll learn more about the brain, brain waives, altered states of consciousness, and how kriya (the yoga of electricity) works. Your intellect will be corrected so you know the REAL story behind meditation. You'll become knowledgeable at what you're doing. 

Lastly - this is the most POTENT form of meditation on the planet. Kriya 1, from the Babaji lineage, is traditionally passed down teacher to student, requiring an initiation of sorts. It is a sacred breath kriya that lights up dormant areas of the brain, creates new neural pathways and preps the mind for deep meditative states. 

A personal bija mantra will be given (privately) to each participant, which will become your focal point of the meditation. This is deeply private and not something you will ever share with anyone else. 

5 Workshops ($995 VALUE) 
  • Oct 6 7-8:30PM CST (available for replay) 

    • Correct your intellect and what you know about meditation​

    • Learn about the nature of the mind, brain waves, neuroplasticity

    • Discuss Set/Setting + daily ritual integration

    • Learn breath and receive a universal mantra for practice

  • Oct 14 7:30-9PM CST (not fully available for replay)

    • Learn about the technology of Kriya and how it affects the brain, the energy body and lineages before and after you​

    • Kriya 1 initiation (this portion is not recorded). Make-up session will be scheduled. If you cannot attend the original workshop or the make-up session, you will have to schedule a private initiation at the rate of $169 for 60 minutes. 

  • Oct 26 7-8pm CST

    • Learn about the technology of mantra​ and the vibration of sound

    • Putting the whole practice together 

    • Receive instructions for scheduling your private mantra initiation 

  • Nov 7 10-11:30am CST

    • Himalayan Kundalini Kriya Journey: experience the yoga of electricity with a 90-minute tantric journey​

  • Nov 14 6-7pm CST

    • Guidance moving forward, Q+A, community connection ​

Daily LIVE calls ($845 VALUE)
  • Join on Zoom every morning (Oct 7-Nov 14) at 6:45am CST to meditate together (accountability + consistency) - replay available. Time commitment is 25m max for these calls. 

2 x 30-minute Private Sessions ($175 VALUE)
  • Mantra Initiation

  • Follow-up post-workshop 

Private Facebook Group Support ($99 VALUE)
  • View morning call replays + check-in when you complete your practice 

  • Connect with community, ask questions 

Sacred Swag Bag ($75 VALUE) 
  • Receive a gift bag with evolutionary tools 

6 Post-Workshop Group Calls ($150 VALUE)
  • Virtual meet-ups and held space once per month for 6 months post-workshop

    • Meditate together​

    • Community connection and check-in

    • Q+A, guidance and feedback 

Additional perks
  • Receive the ability to drop-into future workshops by donation

  • Lifetime email support

  • Get introduced to a community of like-minded, growth centric humans that are also meditating and can evolve at a similar pace 

  • Prize drawing for those who commit to the practice daily for the duration of the clinic (win a Vedic Astrology reading, cash, or a goodie bag!)

VALUE: $2339


  • Payment plans available (3 or 5 payments)

  • No one will be turned away due to inability to pay. Please message me if finances are an obstacle.