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summer of shakti

june 21-september 21

A virtual summer expansion container with breath, kriya and community connection as the foundation for evolution. 


Twice-weekly live (virtual) kundalini + breath sessions

Bring your unique energetic signature to the live sessions as we utilize the power of group practice. Tuesdays 5-6pm and Thursdays 7-7:30am (CST). Classes will build in intensity throughout the 3-month journey, culminating in some advanced tantric techniques. 

*Replays are available for the summer on the Summer of Shakti channel.

Access to The Kriya Collective

Access over 50 breath, meditation and kriya recordings, ranging from 5m shortie breath practices, to 90m long tantric journeys. Practice on your own time, on your own terms. 

Sitting Meditation
Person Participating in Video Call

Monthly Integration Calls

Community calls each month to help you integrate your experience as you dive deeper into yourself via breathwork. Shared space, community connection and room for verbal purge. 

Private Signal Group

Connect with other like-minded souls via our private Signal group, where I'll be available for on-the-spot guidance and support. Develop a community of other souls who are also on an accelerated growth path!

Hands Up

This container is for you if: 

  • You are desiring a more consistent spiritual practice

  • You are seeking heightened intuition and clarity

  • You are experiencing chronic health conditions

  • You want more energy to do the things that light you up

  • You feel like you want more time for self-care but aren't quite sure what to do

With commitment to breathwork, after 3-months of consistent, regular practice (3-4 days per week), it is not uncommon to experience: 

  • stronger intuition

  • more calm and peace

  • better sleep and sex

  • more ease in communicating 

  • less anxiety and depression 


10% discount on all in-person events from june 21- september 21

3 payments of $89

**1st payment is drawn day of registration, and each month after on the same day

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