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Also known as Vedic Astrology, Jyotish is the most ancient and complex form of astrology in existence. A natal chart reading will give deep insight into the soul's journey, in this body, in this lifetime. What is relevant NOW? Unearth Vedic wisdom and guidance with a Jyotish reading.



Sadhana means spiritual practice, and can include any yogic techniques that refine the mind, correct the intellect, build prana, create experiences of unification and so much more. Kriya, meditation, pranayama, asana and other techniques are carefully curated to create a sadhana designed specifically for YOU. Receive instruction and breakdown for a practice you can easily repeat at home by yourself. Challenge yourself to practice your sadhana for 21, 40 or even 54 days in row!



Japa means 'to rotate' and is an incredible practice to ease a restless mind. A Sanskrit mantra is given and repeated a certain number of rounds over the course of a specific number of days. Japa meditation can be a meditation practice in itself or supplementary to a traditional seated, silent practice. Call in the high qualities of an ishta, planet or simply work with a universal mantra to still the mind.


(in-person + virtual)


Meditation makes up 4 of the 8 limbs of yoga - yet is an experience and a state of being - not an action. I cannot teach meditation - but I CAN teach you techniques that will lead you into a meditative state. No matter where you are in your journey, there is a meditation technique that will help you grow. As your practice evolves, your technique should too.


coaching + mentorship

Everyone needs support, no matter where they are on their journey to self. Yoga teachers and practitioners, spirit seekers, coaches, creatives, and business owners are perfect for the Vedic knowledge shared in a mentorship container. Haley is a 500-hour Sattva Yoga Himalayan trained teacher + Jyotishi, Certified Life + Spiritual Coach, and has received Reiki 1 attunement. You will gain access to deeply empowering Vedic teachings, and be given tools to propel you forward on your evolutionary path. Personalized packages and plans available for you to receive the exact level of support you need.

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