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transformational support

Sadhana: a practice of locating the true Self

Step into the world of kriya, tantric kundalini, breathwork and deep Himalayan meditation to assist you in refining your consciousness state. Experience transformation from the inside out.  

In this private, one-on-one work, your energetic state will be explored, Vedic knowledge and wisdom will be shared, and you'll receive instruction for techniques you can practice at home on your own to start shifting your state, so you can shift your life. 

Students that have worked with me regularly have seen the benefits of this work manifest in ways such as: 

  • better sleep 

  • sustained, optimal energy levels

  • decreased depression + anxiety 

  • weight loss

  • clarity + heightened intuition 

  • more patience

The time is NOW to begin working with these ancient techniques that hold MUCH modern relevance, and to receive support as you begin to create major life change. 

Choose 1hour or 90-minute session based on how much held space you need:​​​

  • Receive spiritual counseling and energetic guidance as we unearth patterns that are not serving you and create new pathways for the mind to begin re-patterning and re-training. 

  • Technique prescription + instruction (receive a more advanced practice in the 90m session)

  • Learn a basic meditation technique

Single sessions are great for those who are curious about this work and aren't ready to fully plunge into a deeper container OR for those who are more seasoned with this work and don't need the ongoing support. 

Seeking more support in the form of accountability and a deeper exploration of self? A mentorship may be a better fit! Let's connect and discuss more. 

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