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sacred partnership

For those who are ready to commit, a month-long mentorship will guide you into creating the framework you need to establish a spiritual practice that you WANT to show up for, every single day.

Together we will create a sacred container for your growth and development - a safe space for you to explore your inner world and be curious about what is truly possible.

We will meet 4 times, and you will be supported in between sessions.

Let's go!


week 1: deep dive vedic astrology reading


Take a deep dive into your soul's journey. Become aware of your strengths, hidden talents and recurring themes - become aware of your INFINITE potential. Unearth your karmic blueprint and enliven your spirit with a deep acknowledgement of all that you are. Review your timeline and see what kind of energy is showing up for you right now. Insight, guidance and remedies will be shared. We can also briefly review your child or partner's chart as well (with their permission). Call will be recorded for you to access for life.

2 hours

week 2: spiritual + transformational guidance


As a Certified Spiritual + Life Coach, I will help you get clear on how you want to feel in your life. We will start the session with a brief meditation, and then unearth recurrent themes, challenges you are facing, blocks that are stopping you from getting what you want and need. I will ask questions and encourage you to go deeper. I will hold space as you step into the witness perspective of your life and widen your view. The first step to making change is AWARENESS. You will take away actionable items to implement and start creating the life you've always desired.

1.5 hours

week 3: the power of your breath


Learn to breathe!! The breath is how we access our energetic state and start shifting it. This session is tailored to meet your experience level with breathwork. Explore the power of your breath, how to control it, segment it, hold it, elongate and deepen it. You will be given instructions for techniques you can practice at home.

1.5 hours

week 4: activation + kriya initiation


Kriya means evolutionary action and is also a practice from the Tantric tradition that includes breathwork, mantra, mudras, meditation and movement to engage all layers of your energetic body. Learn more about this sacred practice and receive initiation into a kriya set of techniques designed specifically for YOU at this moment in time. You'll experience an activation of your inner power and start unlocking codes to enhance and optimize your life.

1.5 hours

other support


Receive voice note support in between sessions via Voxer. This is like having me in your back pocket for on-the-spot coaching and guidance. I aim to respond within two hours, 7 days a week, 8am-10pm.

You will also receive a 30-minute follow-up 2 weeks after our last session to further support your integration.

$1599 value


exclusive access

After them mentorship, if it feels aligned, you will be invited to join my recurring meet-up program which is not currently available to the public. This is a discounted program where we continue to meet once per month, with the intention of deepening your experience, consciousness, and refining your spiritual practice. We will continue to look at your astrology chart and check transits. I will offer intuitive guidance and counsel, and provide new techniques each month, as well as update and refine your current spiritual practice. (You may also receive discounts and special offers as a member of this program!)

self-investment: $1111
3 payments of $407

You will receive an email from me within 24 hours after purchase with instructions on scheduling. Payments are non-refundable. Payment plan is a monthly payment for 3 months starting today.

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