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vedic astrology

The eye of the Veda, Jyotish is a window into your soul's journey.


What is relevant for your soul's journey in this lifetime?

Jyotish is the science of light - and it is called the eye of the Veda because it is our window to truly SEE ourselves and what is relevant for our growth. This is an ancient science that sheds light on why you experience life in a certain way. We have every planet's energy within ourselves, and each planet has a spectrum of how it expresses. Planets are the keepers of karma, and based on their position in our natal chart, we can see a karmic blueprint of the soul and what needs to be learned in this lifetime in order to experience freedom and liberation.

Jyotish is incredibly accurate, but it's true purpose is not to predict the future - it's to highlight what is important in the HERE AND NOW. 

One conversation can change your life.

Based on your birth date, time and place, a natal chart is generated which shows the positions of planets and constellations at the exact time of your birth. During the reading, you will be provided deep insights on why you may experience life in a certain way. These readings are POTENT and accurate, and will provide an awareness and knowingness - simply put, you will know yourself better after a Jyotish reading. The more you know and understand yourself, the more you know and understand everything else. 

Follow-ups and check-ins are also available to review current transits and to provide guidance based on how current planetary positions show up in your life.

Haley studies under world-renowned, living Himalayan Master, Anand Mehrotra, founder of Sattva Yoga Academy in Rishikesh, India. She is a 500hr RYT and has completed The Foundations of Jyotish course with Sattva.

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