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3-5:30pm CST

Japa workshop:


Deities are physical manifestations of the highest qualities of being. Each deity has a mantra used to invoke their qualities. We can use Japa meditation + deity invocation when we are needing specific support in our lives. 



Kali is fierce + fearless. She is the destroyer of the time-bound self, and she has no fucking drama. She is intensely still and composed, yet exudes that WILDLY divine feminine mystique. She's a feminist icon. 


Kali doesn't mess around. She's compassionate but she ain't nice. 


You will awaken Kali within. You will call upon her using mantra + Japa meditation. 


In this workshop you will: 

  • Experience a 30-minute Himalayan breath + kriya set designed to invoke your ferocity + fierceness (This is a true Kali Kriya Set)

  • Learn more about Japa meditation, Malas, Mantras, + Kali

  • Have the option to purchase a Mala. Mend Body Spirit has created an event-exclusive Mala to help connect with Kali energy for this event, if you choose, for an additional investment. These will be hand-delivered to locals and shipped to non-locals.

  • Initiate a 40-day Japa practice to invoke the qualities of Kali

  • Experience a short Kali meditation + chanting of the Kali mantra 108 times

  • Notice a shift in your state of being after 40 days if you commit to the practice

Join me virtually on 1.17.21 from 3-5:30pm CST to take a deeper dive into Japa. With your workshop investment, you will receive: 

  • 2 ½ hour workshop (recorded + available for replay for 40 days)

  • Unlimited support via email for 40 days to help address concerns and guidance for integrating the experience

  • Initiation into the sacred practice of Japa meditation with the Kali mantra

  • Option to purchase event-exclusive Mend Body Spirit Mala


Malas only available to those who participate in the workshop. Mala add-on IS optional. Use code LOCAL for $10 discount/free delivery for Des Moines/West Des Moines residents only.

**You will be sent a digital download link which will contain all the workshop instructions.