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consciousness counsel + spiritual support

transformation coach

Your attention is your supreme currency.
Spend it wisely.

you are...

Aching for a major life change. I get it. 

Whether it's a job, relationship or life situation that just isn't doing it for you any longer, there is a whisper beckoning you to shift something. 

I spent the first 35 years of my life feeling stuck, bound and limited when it came to how I wanted to live my life. I was co-dependent on partners, relying on substance to produce joy, and not holding myself accountable for what was happening in my life. 

I experienced material success. I had the job, great partner, great house, great income, yet I still longed for something deeper. l was tired of living my life on the surface. 

So, I invested in a mentor and I did the work. Every. single. day. I started meditating. I stopped drinking. I learned how to be alone with myself and my thoughts. I quit my corporate gig. I traveled to India (alone) and took a transformational training that fundamentally shifted my life. I did this all while being a single parent. 

I am proof that you can change your life. But you need support. 

I guide you into becoming the person you really are. I help you reconnect with your light. I show you how to refine your MIND, which shapes every perspective and experience you have. I use the technology of yoga, specifically the modalities of breathwork, kriya, meditation and Vedic astrology, to help you expand your consciousness and create lasting change in your life. 

We all have a deep desire to be seen, heard and loved for who we really are. 

I see you. I hear you. I love you. 

I'm here to serve you. 


My support looks like:
kriya | meditation | breathwork instruction
himalayan meditation initiation
vedic astrology readings
life + spiritual coaching
workshop + retreat facilitation

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