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Chakra Series

one new practice each week

The chakra system connects the spiritual + physical bodies, and regulates the flow of energy. Due to physical, mental + emotional toxicity, this flow can become blocked and imbalanced, which can cause illness + disease.

Chakra exploration can be used as a tool for identifying and regulating imbalances in the mind and body. Understanding and committing to mastering the higher qualities of each chakra allows us to transcend any imbalances, to raise our energy and to express our highest potential of self.

Journey through the chakra system with a new kriya+breath set each week to cleanse, awaken + initiate healing. Through Vedantic teachings + wisdom, deepen your understanding of the energy centers and experience a greater connection to your spirit’s nervous system.

We will begin with the muladhara chakra, and journey upwards each week. Sessions will be facilitated and recorded on Zoom, available to replay for one week (until the next chakra’s class).

Drop-in: $14
Full Series: $77 (only available until 8/17)
7-8pm CST 
8/18: Muladhara (root)
8/25: Swadhisthana (sacral)
9/1: Manipura (solar plexus)
9/8: Anahata (heart)
9/15: Vishudda (throat)
9/22: Agya (3rd eye)
9/29: Sahasrara (crown)

**Not for pregnant mamas.
**External speakers or headphones recommended for optimal sound experience.

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