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i'm haley jo niichel, spirit coach + sattva yoga teacher + jyotishi

I help you master your energy and emotions, so you can create major satisfaction in your life. Through yogic practices, I show you how to attract abundance, experience extreme joy and happiness, find internal peace, and a true, deep connection with yourself.

a bit more about me
a bit more about me


From a very young age, I experienced overwhelming anxiety and the need to be perfect. I was an overachiever, my harshest critic, and put loads of pressure on myself in all areas of my life to be ‘the best.’ I spent the majority of my life doing what I thought others wanted me to do, instead of listening to myself and doing the things that lit me up. 


In childhood, this need to succeed manifested in things like excessive worrying, nail biting, insomnia, and emotional repression. As I moved into adulthood, it translated into binge-drinking and drugging, self-hatred, casual sex, toxic relationships, depression and health problems. 


At 35, I found myself in a career I hated and a relationship I didn’t want to be in. It honestly felt like I was living a version of someone else’s life, I was so far-removed from my own inner truth. I wanted the freedom and acceptance to be the version of myself I was hiding. I wanted to shake the fear I had about following my heart. I wanted deeper relationships with others, I wanted more supportive and like-minded people in my life. I no longer wanted a life where I was only ‘living’ on the weekends.

Asana and nutrition gave me the ability to understand and connect with my physical body. 


Meditation provided me awareness of the patterns that no longer served me, and sharpened the skill of listening to myself. 


Tantric practices such as pranayama/breathwork and kriya yoga helped me purify, cleanse and clear my energetic pathways. They allowed me to find clarity through dynamic stillness and movement. 


I realized that part of letting go of old habits is creating new ones that empower and enliven you. 



While yoga is expansive, I specialize and support you in creating habits and practices that help you deepen the relationship you have with yourself. Ambitious women (like myself) quite often fall prey to the ‘busyness’ complex - they spend too much time doing things that don’t light them up, depleting themselves of energy for the things they love to do. 


Basically….I teach you how to fucking breathe. And once you know how to breathe consciously and intentionally, you can start to refine and brighten your life experience. This can lead to more satisfaction in your life, increased abundance, joy, peace, calm, better sex, better sleep, better digestion… Tantric practices are holistic and address the WHOLE energetic body, resulting in YOUR absolute best life.

You’ll commit to yourself and consistently show up when creating or letting go of habits.

YOU are the variable to whether or not these practices work. In order for breathwork and kriya yoga to be effective, you have to show up. I support you, hold you accountable, and show you the power you have deep inside to create change from the inside out.

You’ll understand how energy healing, balancing and bettering your life takes a multi-faceted approach.

I don’t JUST teach breathwork and kriya yoga. I guide and coach you on how to integrate wellness into your lifestyle. I show you how to BE WELL in a way that feels good for you, so you see sustainable, lasting change.

You’ll have fun remembering who you are.

The techniques I share are really fucking cool. Once you start working with your energy, and seeing the positive effects, you’ll want to keep coming back to the practice, learning more techniques, and expanding your experience as a spiritual being. These practices can be really damn fun.

You’ll learn how to recognize your energetic imbalances and how to course correct when you feel yourself spiraling.

Awareness is KEY when it comes to change. I help you unearth and identify what areas in your life aren’t working. I also help you hone your present-moment awareness so you can realize when your energy and thoughts are getting away from you. Once you have awareness, you can move into action.

You’ll experience yoga the way it was meant to be taught.

My training comes directly from Rishikesh, India (more on Sattva Yoga HERE). The passing on of guidance and wisdom through yoga, is best shared on a deeper level connection. I am truly interested in connecting with you, getting to know you, and co-creating a roadmap to get you back to YOU.

you'll reclaim yourself and remember who you are.

It's not about creating a whole new you, it's about removing the bullshit that's been preventing you from being that person. Reclaim and remember. 



Your rebel spirit is welcome here.

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