Breath of Rebellion


I'm Haley. I'm a 500-hour Sattva Yoga + Meditation teacher, Jyotishi, Certified Spiritual + Life Coach and a strong rebel spirit at heart.

I am passionate about transformation, because I have experienced it myself. 


I understand what it’s like to feel stuck in a career, relationship, or toxic coping habits. I have heard that inner voice, screaming for change, but also unsure of where to start. 


At the age of 35, I was hitting rock bottom. Staring down at a 17-year binge drinking & drugging habit, a meaningless and unfulfilling 12-year-long financial services career, and a string of failed relationships...I felt so miserable and was so full of suffering that I knew something I had to change. 


A series of synchronous events began to occur shortly after I started to make baby steps towards changing my life. These events gave me momentum, helped me understand my self-worth, and propelled me down my path. 


I quit drinking and drugging. 


I abstained from sex for a year.


I started to understand and feel more comfortable with my sexuality


I quit my 6-figure corporate gig


I traveled to India for a yoga training, and learned how to truly LIVE through yogic techniques.


And that has all led me to this point in my life - where I am the most healthy I have ever been (mentally, emotionally & physically). I’m fulfilled, creative, happy, the most patient I’ve ever been...and I keep on evolving.

100% transparency: I’ve had LOTS of guidance on my path to removing drugs and alcohol from life, abstaining from meaningless sex, and following my intuition to discover a career that was in alignment with what my heart wanted. Guidance was necessary, and so were my practices.

What I found was that I was running my life based on habits (rituals) and deeply conditioned beliefs that weren’t even mine. Once I replaced the unhealthy rituals with revolutionary and supportive ones, things started to change. When I began to cultivate an awareness around which beliefs were truly mine, and which ones were not, I was able to remember who I really am.

I am empowered

I am motivated

I am ambitious

I am creative.

I am intelligent.

I am active.

I am worthy.

I am abundant


And so are you


I’m here to help you reclaim yourself and remember who you are.


My support looks like:

kriya | meditation | breathwork instruction

sattva meditation initiation

jyotish readings

life + spiritual coaching


workshop + retreat facilitation